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Bilingual Education


Program Description

Developmental Bilingual Education is a program designed to maintain the primary, or home, language of English Learners while learning English.  Starting in Kindergarten and continuing to 5th grade, the program aims for biliteracy in all subject areas.  50% of classroom instruction is in Spanish and 50% is in English.  Each day, both languages are spoken.  While designed for English Learners, English Only students are welcome to sign up and will be enrolled pending space availability.

Program Size and Selection Process

The size of the program depends on parent interest and the availability of appropriate instructional staff.  Parents of incoming students are asked to sign-up if they are interested and, beginning in Winter 2018, will be invited to a meeting to discuss the design and expectations of the program and to sign a Commitment Form.  All Commitment Forms will be considered and the District will make every effort to honor parent requests.  If a request cannot be granted, the District will inform parents of why.  Each year, returning families are asked to sign a Commitment Form so that appropriate staffing plans and material purchases can be made.

Staffing and Program Resources

All teachers in the Developmental Bilingual Education program are required to have an appropriate teaching credential and an additional authorization to instruct in Spanish.  For each DBE classroom, instructional materials are provided in both English and Spanish, in all subject areas.  Additionally, the District’s Local Control Accountability Plan provides supplemental materials and supplies so that equity of both languages can be maintained in all DBE classrooms.  DBE teachers also meet monthly to collaborate.

District Commitment and Program History

The Winters Joint Unified School District believes in the value of speaking multiple languages.  In the Spring of 2013, the Board of Trustees voted to implement Developmental Bilingual Education.  In the Fall of 2013, the District’s DBE program began with classes in Kindergarten - 3rd grade and then expanded each year until the current K - 5 configuration. The Board of Trustees and District Leadership have maintained their commitment to the program and its future success.  In addition to the DBE program at Winters Elementary School, the District provides Transitional Bilingual Education at Winters Middle and Winters High School, in addition to Spanish electives.


Prior to the passage of Proposition 58, parents of English Learners had to waive their right to an English-only education by submitting a waiver in order to participate in Developmental Bilingual Education (DBE).

Waivers are no longer required.

We encourage all interested families to sign-up and to join us the following events:

  • On 2/6/18, learn about the Language & Literacy Programs at Winters Elementary School, including Developmental Bilingual Education. New parents that are interested in learning more about the bilingual program may do so at this time or anytime afterwards in the Main Office at Waggoner or Rominger.
  • On 2/22/18, learn more about our program in Development Bilingual Education, and complete enrollment and re-enrollment paperwork for the 2018-19 school year. Parents of current students unable to attend may complete paperwork during Family Conference Week.

Enrollment and Re-Enrollment paperwork for the 2018-19 school year is due March 23, 2018.