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Explore Your World!

Kristie Oates

November 18-November 22

We had a great week.  We wrote, celebrated writing, tried paletas, drew and had fun. We had visitors from the Light Awards grant.  They have provided professional development opportunities in literacy for me and other teachers in the district.  They were very impressed with your students' writing and confidence when sharing their writing. The students made some awesome turkeys and we learned a little bit about Thanksgiving.  Each student chose a new book to keep as their own.  Many of the students are starting to become readers!  Thank you for your love and support from home. 


We have started practicing holiday songs for the optional performance on December 7th.  I will not be there on that day but all kindergarten students are welcome to attend and some of the other kindergarten teachers will be there to help the students organize and sing!  Most students love this opportunity.  We will practice so that they are ready.


I hope everyone enjoys the week of rest and I will see everyone on December 2.


November 12-15

 We had a great week with literacy! Wednesday we spent the day in the library. First, we walked energetically to the community library. Mrs. Rodriguez read us a story about Sarah Hale who advocated for Thanksgiving to be a national holiday. She emphasized how your words (writing) can lead to important change. Then, we wrote thank you cards, made leaf bookmarks and looked at books. Eventually, all students will have a school issued library card for the public library. Students with an active card checked out books. Students whose cards weren’t active yet were able to choose a book from the library bookstore to keep. We walked back, had lunch and then enjoyed the school library. Students are reading with more fluency and increased comprehension. Thank you for listening to them and talking with them each day. On Friday, students were able to choose what they wrote about. They enthusiastically wrote a lot about a variety of topics. Most students required very little, if any, assistance. The majority of students remembered spaces between their words. We continue to work on capital letters at the beginning (and not in the middle) of sentences and using end punctuation appropriately.  In math we are working on being fluent in our use and understanding of the numbers 11-20.

A celebration of Stars at the Board Meeting
A celebration of Stars at the Board Meeting
November 4 - November 8

This week was back to a more normal pace after Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos. 


We continue to work on number sense.  Children this age often confuse the numbers 15 with 50 because they sound the same (this is one example of many) and 12 with 21 because they look the same.  Pointing out and talking about numbers in their world is really helpful.  Learning in context is more meaningful and more likely to stick.  Please count with your child often and talk about all of the numbers you see each day on buildings, on the television, in books, on products that you use... We continue to work with addition and subtraction.


Also, this week we counted the number of stripes and stars on the flag.  We learned about this symbol of our country.  We talked about how the flag has evolved from a flag of 13 stars to one of 50.  The students learned that the stars represent the number of states in the United States of America.  We made a few beautiful flags that will be coming home to you of Friday.  


In writing, we are working to write at least three sentences that go together to tell a story.  We are trying to use transitions such as first, next and last.  Students continue to use both sight words and the sounds they know to write.  Their writing is getting more interesting and some are writing many interesting sentences that flow together and tell a story!


As children continue to develop their reading skills, they should play with words often: rhyming, segmenting and blending them.

We are working on sounding out and reading cvc words (three letter words that start and end with a consonant and have a vowel in the middle).  Students have a hard time clearly making the sound of a short i and short e when reading words like pin, pen, set, sit, etc.  They also frequently confuse words that have the following consonants in them: b, d and p.  You can help by practicing with words like bed, big, pig, dig, bog, bad...


Just a reminder on November 13 we will be walking to the high school to the library for a lesson on giving thanks and for an opportunity to check out a book from the "big" library.  Adults are welcome to come with us.  Please let me know if you can accompany us.  



October 28-November 1 Halloween, Red Ribbon Week and Dia de los Muertos

We had a busy and fun week.  With red clothing and acts of kindness, we started our week.  We practiced singing and learned about the art of Tai Chi.  We learned some games that depend on cooperation and being aware of our space.  We wore sunglasses on Tuesday to protect our eyes from the brightness emanated from the children everyday!  We performed our Halloween songs and worked with our names.  We paraded through town and made an x-ray drawing of our hands.  (Hold the drawing up to a window and see how the bones stand out.)  We rode the bus to the library where we learned about Dia de los Muertos, read and made sugar skulls.


We continue to learn the names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet.  We are trying to create rhymes with words that we hear.  We are learning about the importance of vowels in words.  Students should understand that sentences begin with capital letters, have spaces between words, tell a whole idea and end with some type of punctuation.  We are adding and subtracting with the numbers up to 10.  As we hear stories, we are working to understand what the author is trying to communicate.  When we write a story we are trying to include details to make our story clear.  We continue to learn to follow directions and work on our fine motor skills.  This week students drew a haunted house and a sugar skull.



October 21-25 Highlight- Pumpkin Patch

We had a fun week.  We learned about and created artistic perceptions of the life cycle of a pumpkin.  We drew and used oil pastels to color interesting pumpkins.  We worked on our songs for the Halloween concert for parents on October 30th at 8:15.  We wrote about the ag site, we wrote thank you notes and we wrote about pumpkins.  We continue to work on our reading and phonemic awareness skills.  Children at this point should know 10 words by sight (I, am, the, like, can, see, you, to, a, and) many students know and are using more in their daily reading and writing.  Children should know the name of and the sound of the majority of both the lower case and the upper case letters of the alphabet.  They should be able to blend sounds together orally and visually for 3 letter words.  They should be able to segment (separate) the sounds in words.  Please continue to work with your child on rhyming.

Students should know their numbers to 30.  We count and write the numbers often.  We are learning addition to sums of 10 and will be starting subtraction soon.  We learned about the colors of pumpkins and about different types of bats.


We went to the ag site and visited six stations (see 5 of them below).  We started with a hay ride, then we ran in the field to find our perfect pumpkin, we rode on hay again and had a snack and made ghost lollipops.  After that, we played Duck, Duck, Goose.  Then we made ghosts or zombies using our hands as a model.  We played in the hay maze and ran a few times.  We ended our time in the barn with the wonderful animals.  The students were well behaved and had a really good time.


Next week:  More fun.

For Red Ribbon Week we are celebrating that we are happy and healthy at Waggoner!

Monday:  Wear red and be kind.

Tuesday: Wear sunglasses and bright colors because our future is bright!

Wednesday: Create an awesome name tag to wear all day because you and your name are awesome.  We will sing this day at 8:15.

Thursday: Wear your costume for the parade.  (Students need to be able to walk, sit, and learn in their costumes.  They also need to be able to go to the bathroom on their own, so please make sure they can unbutton, zip, take off and put on anything they choose to wear!  We will not be assisting in the bathroom.)

Friday: Wear pajamas today because we dream big. We will also be going to the town library for some sugar skull and Dia de los Muertos fun.


A look back at October 7-18

I'm sorry I didn't recap the week of October 7-11th last week.  I got home from the International Literacy Association Conference at 1 am on the 14th so I was a little travel weary.


The emphasis of the week from the 7th to the 11th was on shapes.  The students reviewed the ten shapes we are expected to know in kindergarten: circle, square, rhombus, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, cube, cone, sphere and cylinder.  They used shapes in a variety of activities including drawing, reading, building and more.  We started work on learning what a verb is and continued working on our reading and writing skills; continually reviewing letter names, sounds, blending words together and segmenting them apart to use while we read and write. We had a wonderful substitute and dealt with a day of learning without electricity.


October 14-18 we talked about bugs but focused in on the butterfly.  The children drew, colored and painted beautiful butterflies.  They learned about the life cycle of butterflies and while learning verbs, acted out some movements that a caterpillar or butterfly might do.  Noah's mom took the children out into the garden to hunt for bugs.  They used magnifying glasses and had great discussions about their discoveries.  The children wrote great pieces about their butterflies or the houses that they drew.  Be sure to look in the window for the new writing.


We had an earthquake drill on Thursday.  Your children were awesome.  They listened to directions, quickly protected their heads and bodies and were quiet until the end of the drill.


We went to Maker's Space and we worked on computer skills.  We accomplished a lot of learning in our 4 day week.

September 30-October 4 Conferences and Bears

Thank you to everyone!  I loved meeting with you and talking about your wonderful, smart and inquisitive children.  Also thank you for the supplies for our picnic.  If you loaned us a blanket, please pick it up this week.  


We crammed a lot of learning and fun into the minimum days this past week.  We read a few different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We retold the story thinking about the order events happened.  Also Mrs. Kloczko dressed up as a bear (See photo slideshow below) and sang The Teddy Bear Picnic song.  We read the Teddy Bear Picnic book and sang the song in class as well.


We continue working on putting numbers in order to 30.  We talked about tools and used a ruler as a tool to compare numbers and to determine how much greater or less than one number is compared to another.  We constructed a graph using gummy bears.  We told story problems for addition using bears as the characters in the story.


We heard the story Ira Sleeps Over.  Ask your child about Ira's sleep over and how his teddy bear played a part in the story.  We also hunted for hidden sight words on bears.  I hid 8.  Ask your child how many he/she found!


We did a variety of activities with our bears on our picnic day. (See the slideshow above.)


We continue to code using blockly and we did some practice activities in math and language arts on the computer using IXL.


Next week (October 10 and 11), I will be in New Orleans learning more about literacy.  The students will be focusing in on shapes, addition, the word like and reviewing the following letters and sounds: m, s, a, p, and t.  They will also continue to work on blending the sounds to read words (map, Pam, pat, at, am, Sam, sat...).  Please enjoy listening to your child read each day.  Remind them to touch each word as they read.



Week of September 23-27

We had a fun writing celebration this week.  A few students shared their writing with the whole class, then all students shared with each other.  We ate cookies and drank water.  Check your Friday folders to see your child's independent writing.  Please ask them to tell you the story they wrote.  We are working on writing down the sounds we hear in a word, leaving spaces between each word we write, using speech bubbles and to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end.


We continue to practice writing our numbers.  We practice frequently writing to 30.  We are getting better.  We are working on less reversals and knowing the difference between numbers such as 12 and 21, and 13 and 31.


The 5 senses are important when you are noticing the world around you.  Please ask your child to name the 5 senses.  Then, go for a walk or during dinner have your child use all 5 senses to describe various things in their surroundings.  


Your children are starting to read!  Many of them know 8 or more sight words (words that they just know by looking at them) and a lot of the students are sounding out correctly 3 and 4 letter words.  If you find opportunities to write notes to them, this will encourage their reading.


I'm working on migrating my website to Google sites

Welcome to Kindergarten.  This year you may get to our website by clicking this link.  Please provide feedback about what you like and what you would like more of on our website.  Thank you!  Happy 2019-2020 school year!

Songs and Stories

We learn in a variety of ways.  One way we work on sight words is by listening to and watching videos.  Here are links to some of the songs we have sung.

See Song

We Song

The Song 


Like #2



Math songs:

Days of the Week

Months of the Year


We also listen to stories on video. Discuss how the story is being read.  Point out the text that you can see.  Discuss the expressions used by the reader.


Tacky the Penguin


Teddy Bears' Picnic

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Eency Weency Spider

Our science program led us to these videos of animals eating.


Read, Read, Read!
Read, Read, Read!